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Mold Investigation

Our goal is to assist you in understanding and correcting your mold problem from start to finish. Since our practice is strictly limited to environmental testing and consulting - and never remediation - you're assured of an accurate and unbiased assessment. Our approach is to:

  • Discover where and why excess moisture is entering your property
  • Conduct air monitoring, surface sampling, and bulk sampling to compare the results with normal background mold levels.
  • Identify the affected areas and measure the amount of mold
  • Recommend safe and cost effective ways to eliminate the moisture and resolve the mold problem
  • Determine if the health of your family is at risk and if professional remediation is necessary
  • To ensure reliable results, we send all samples to laboratories accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.
  • No job is too job is too small. Call us anytime to inspect for mold