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Insulation Energy Appraisal

An Insulation Energy Appraisal will identify the optimal insulation thickness for each specific process as well as determine the cost and energy savings associated with the proposed upgrades. 

To perform the appraisal Environmental Services NIA certified technicians will hold a pre appraisal meeting to obtain all applicable information needed to perform an accurate and reliable appraisal.  The technician will then perform a site walk through to determine the extent of damaged and/or underinsulated systems with the use of Infrared photography.  All of the acquired information will be entered into the advanced 3E Plus® energy appraisal computer software to determine the effectiveness of the current insulation by quantifying heat loss, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

After completing the survey Environmental Services highly skilled technicians will identify the optimal remediation action to maximize your return on investment (ROI), improve the process control and efficiency, reduce energy costs, and ultimately save you money.